Tuesday, August 18, 2009

July/ August

Well since I only seem to post every other month.... Life just seems to be flying by. Life at the Manley house is none stop. Baseball ended and Football began, and we are just as involved. We have practice Mon-Thurs 6-8 pm. So soon as Robby gets home from work it is time for practice. We have a quick dinner when we get home at 8:30 and then showers and time for bed. Next week school starts so there will be little time for anything. I finally finished school shopping, Mom is going to take Cade tomorrow for the rest of his school supplies. She took Carson a couple of weeks ago.


This month seem to come and go. Finished baseball and had alittle time off before football started. Robby and I had our 10th anniversary. Mom and Dad kept the boys and we had dinner with Rhonda and Tony and then went and saw the new Harry Potter movie. Robby's birthday was the 26th and we went to church and then he went golfing with the guys. Then met for dinner at O'Charles. Mom and Dad's birthday was the 27th and 28th. Mom got a surprise on her birthday. Derick and Kayreen had their baby. Nathan Lane was born 5lb. 14oz., just alittle early. He wasn't due until August 25th. He is doing fine. Cade and I went to see him last Friday. He is just so tiny, but oh so cute. One more to go and I can't wait!
It started out with a great weekend! We took Cade for his 8th birthday to Fort Rapids water park. We had a great time! It is hard to believe my baby is growing up. I can still remember when we was born. He is going in the 3rd grade this year and Carson is going to Kindergarden. My boys are growing up way to fast!

Born August 1, 2001, First Birthday at Nana and Papa, 2nd Birthday,

3rd Birthday, 4th Birthday, 5th Birthday

6th Birthday, Papa Mike got Cade his first bike.

At 7, Cade finally learned how to bike his bike with no training wheels.

I couldn't leave out his kindergarden pictures! First day of kindergarden and graduation.

Cade first year of tackle football. He is playing for his school this year. His practice jersey is #1.

He had his first scrimmage last night. The team has alot to learn, but they are all ready to work on playing better. They have another scrimmage Saturday and then the season begins.

We have picked a date for the baby to be born. I hope I make it that long! I am so ready for the baby to come. We still have a few things to do, because we are definitely not ready for he/she to come yet. We will be!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Update May- June

Life as been one whirl wind after another. The Manley's have been all about baseball for the last month. I think we should just spend the night at the ball field! Just another week or so of it and we will be done with baseball. Just to move onto Football and Soccer! Well onto the updates

May 2009

May 26th I had my last ultrasound. " Only Aunt Marilyn knows what the sex of the baby is!" I don't know how many people have asked for her number. They were just kidding, because they want to know what the baby is. Everyone is surprised when we tell them we didn't find out the sex of the baby. We still don't have names picked, Robby and I can't agree on a name. He thinks it needs to be a C name and I just want a name that I like. The boys went with Robby and I to the ultrasound. Cade was glued to the monitor the whole time, and asked lots of questions poor techician lady. They each got an ultrasound picture when we were done. The baby is really low. I was sore after the ultrasound because she had to push so hard. This baby did not make it easy for her. Everything looked fine. Happy, Healthy Baby Manley

June 2009

June 5, 2009,
Silas Logan Arms was born
9 lb
21 inches long

It seemed like forever before he got here. Mom, Dad, Cade, Carson, Bo, and Me waited in the waiting room. I believe he was born at 8:46 a.m. or pretty close to that. We all watched as the nurse checked him out. They were almost finished with Silas when Heidi finally came up. We all got comfortable in the room holding Silas. All the boys had to hold him. Carson wasn't so sure, but Cade didn't want to share. It was a moment seeing them all together. Bo wanted to know why he couldn't talk to him! " Mom he not answer me!" He has finally come to the conclusion he can't talk because he has no teeth! You like that one. Gotta love it.

Wes and Amanda also had there baby in June

June 21, 2009
Audrey Marie Mahon
7lbs. 12oz
21.5 inches long

I also went on an Emmaus Walk. I left on Thursday at 6:00pm and came back home Sunday around 8:00pm. It was a life changing experience for me. I realized I new God, but I didn't have a relationship with him. I am looking forward to working on that in my 4th days. I can't give to much away, because Robby will be going on an Emmaus Walk in August. I am so excited for him. I came back floating like a butterfly. I wish the same experience for him. It helped me realize alot of things in my life. I gained a lot from it, but it also let me let go of some things in my past that have been haunting me for a long time. I am a better person for it.

Wes and I are talking again. Thank YOU.... He came down this weekend. Just for a little while. We went to a car show my Dad was at in Urbana. He brought the two boys with him, James and Jonathan. I think Amanda needed the break, she stayed home with Audrey. Baby steps with our relationship!
Life is good!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the GO..........

Life has been quite busy lately. I had a doctors appointment last Tuesday. Everything was fine. Carson and I got to listen to the baby's heartbeat. 148bpm. My next visit will be May 26th and I will have an ultrasound. They will be able to tell us the sex of the baby then. I DO NOT want to know, but Robby does. So I told him that he could find out if he wanted to. So we will see how it goes! So Aunt Marilyn you should receive your card in the mail at the end of May!

Yesterday, We made our second trip to Columbus for Heidi a doctors appointment. The first one we did a couple of weeks ago and Heidi had an ultrasound of the baby to determine the size and weight of the baby. They looked at everything. She is definitely having a boy. He was 4lbs. 11oz. The nurse was very nice and explained everything she was doing. She gave Heidi lots of pictures of the baby. We went yesterday to Children's Hospital for an echo cardo. They looked at the baby's heart. He is perfect. She is scheduled for her c-section June 5th. Everything is on schedule. At easter we did a pregnancy session with Heidi.

The first of the list of the baby's was born in April, Katie had a baby boy, Jack David.

Joyce is due any day... she was at the doctor and nothing yet.

Derick and Kayreen had their ultrasound and are having a boy!

We are finally having some nice weather and everything is turning Green. I am finally able to work on my flower beds. We mowed the yard. Even though after the two days of rain doesn't look like it! I am just glad to be outside. Once May gets here I am going to have very little time for home stuff. May 16th is opening day for baseball and we will be at the field most evenings. I am coaching a team and so is Robby. The summer is going to fly!

There will be Mahon wedding this summer. Judy's youngest Chandra is getting married
August 29th. I told her yesterday that I would do her wedding pictures. I hope that I am up for that. I will only have 1 month to go at that point.

As a baby shower gift I gave Blake and Joyce a collage of the pictures I took at their wedding.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Little Bit of "This" and "That"

Wow!! alot has gone on. The game was awesome!!! We went to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, like we always do when we go to Cleveland. We were waiting on our shuttle when these kids came walking out with basketballs. So I asked what they were doing. The Mavrick's were actually staying at the Ritz in the mall where the Hard Rock was. They had a signed ball from Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry, of course I purchased the signed ball from Dirk from the kid. I couldn't talk Robby into staying at the mall our ride was already there. It kind of was a bummer I would much rather have seen Dirk than had a signed ball. I got all I need Sunday at game day. Our tickets were awesome... He was out practicing when we got there and I almost got to go on the basketball court. The Mavrick's played a great first half, but couldn't seem to get it together the second half. It didn't matter I got to see Dirk up close and personal! Although it would have been better if they would have won...

The "studio" for the most part is done! We still need to finish the dressing room and put up the rest of the trim. I also need to move all my stuff in and do alittle decorating! It also needs alittle cleaning from all the dust, it seems never ending. I had my first photo shoot in there yesterday. It was so nice to have room to move around, and not to worry about people walking through my house. I am loving it! I have to THANK Robby and our close friend Brian Fout for all their hard work with out them it would have never gotten done! Also alittle help from another friend Chris Stafford, he helped with the drywall and mudding.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

11 weeks

Well I made it. This has been the most 11 nerve raking weeks I can remember. I have been just so nervous about this pregnancy. I finally feel better, but there are some thoughts sometimes. I think that every Mom wonders about the well being of their baby. My appointment was March 20th. My Mom went with me, because she didn't want me to go by myself. I love my Mom she is always there when I need her. This baby boy or girl looks perfect. The arms and legs were endless on the ultrasound. The baby was moving the whole time. The heartbeat was 158 bpm. I looked to see if I had an ultrasound of the heartbeat of Cade and Carson but I didn't, but I don't remember their heartbeats being so high.

Life has been busy... My studio for the most part is finished. There are a few details that need to be finished... trim needs painted and put up, a few sections of carpet need put down, and my curtains need hung. Robby finally has all his coaches lined up for baseball. He has been working on that almost every night for two weeks. It is alot of work being the VP of the Baseball Assocation. Opening day is May 16th... and picture day. I am taking the pictures for the boys side of the baseball league. Life is going to be Baseball.. baseball... baseball until the first week in July. The boys are looking forward to it. They have been practicing every nice day we have had.

Heidi was at the doctor this week. Everything was okay. She had another sugar test. So far there has been no sign of the diabetes. She has been controling her diet really well. She has to pick a due date. She will have another c-section. She is think June 5th, which is our Grandma Mahon's (Mamaw) birthday. She hasn't picked a name. Not that if she did I would count on that being the baby's name. Bo was suppose to be Wyatt. So we will know a name when we go and see him at the hospital!

Wes and Amanda are having a girl... They haven't picked a name according to Derick they can't agree on one. Derick and Kayreen's baby is due at the end of August. She will have a scheduled c-section too. They are going to find out if the baby is a boy or girl so when I know you will know.

Looking forward to this weekend. Robby bought me tickets to the Mavricks Vs. Cavs in Cleveland on Sunday. I can not wait. I am a huge fan of Dirk Nowitzki and we are right behind his bench. I am going to relax and enjoy the view! The boys will be with my Mom and Dad so no worries...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Baby

I went to the doctor on Friday. The day couldn't come fast enough or be over soon enough. We waited forever in the waiting room and then in the exam room. My doctor, Dr. Melillo just came in and started the exam. I always have an ultrasound my first exam. It went really well. The baby moved its head up and down and we heard the heartbeat. It relaxed me alittle hearing and seeing that the baby is alright. I will definitely feel better after my next visit. I will have another ultrasound then. My doctor is the best, he actually cares about his patience's. He makes all my visits go some much easier.

The baby is due October 6th. I will have a planned c-section. We haven't set a date for that yet, when it gets closer. We are not finding out what the baby is. I want to be surprised this time. Just for you Aunt Marilyn I am going to take an envelope with me for him to write the sex of the baby. I am going to mail it directly to you. You can't tell.... for your eyes only!

This weekend was Bo's birthday. He turned 4 on February 25th. We stayed at a hotel in Mansfield. He wanted to swim! It was just us and Bobby's brother and his family. We all had a good time. Robby had to stay home. He is vice president of the baseball league this year and there was baseball sign ups.

The boys and I also stopped in to see Mamaw. She is always happy to see Cade. He loves his Mamaw. She wasn't feeling very good. I think to much was going on, and alot of visitors. It is always good to see her. We don't make it into town very often. I hope this summer we find more time to get into town. Daddypa is doing well... he is really happy now. Dad bought an old Ford truck for them to fix up. I have lost count of how many old cars my Dad has now. Needless to say my Mom has said NO MORE.... she is about to come unglued. I think he was calm it down after this. The truck will take him some time to fix up. When I get a chance I will post some pictures. I want to take the boys to the park and get some pictures this summer.

This week I need to get myself motivated, which is hard to do lately! I need to just clean.. my house never seems to stay that way. The boys and I mean all the boys seem to mess as I pick up. My kitchen is like the dumping ground for everything. It is a rare occasion that I can even see my kitchen table!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am "Back"!

"The Manley's"
What a picture it took us about an hour to get this. We did it ourselves.
We set the timer on the camera. You should have seen the first couple of pictures!

I can't believe it has been since November since I last posted. Boy, does time fly! We are almost at the end of February. I have a feeling March is going to fly too. We have something going on almost every weekend. I am ready for "Spring" here in Ohio. We have had snow and cold for the last couple of weeks and I am so... done with this weather. I am ready for spring and to get in my garden and just be outside.

Just a little update...
Thanksgiving was really good. Everyone came to my house for Thanksgiving. Every year I come up with a new way to fix sweet potatoes. This year I made twice baked sweet potatoes. They were really good.

We started a new tradition at the Manley house for Christmas Eve, we attended Church. Christmas was spent at Heidi's. Bobby and her fixed everything. Because of course I forgot my stuff on the table at home. It never fails I always forget something! My mom did fix some desserts. She made the best grape pie. She made it with grapes from Grandpa Maier's vine.

We spent the New Year at Mom's with Lasagna and Sauage and Saukraut what a combination but it was really good. We had the Mahon Christmas at the Church hall. Everyone was there, Mamma and Daddypa were both able to be there this year. Not everyone was there, Wesley and his family did not come. It really upset Aunt Helen and Mamma, but if that is the way he wants to be.

The story with Wesley is long and hard to explain. I haven't seen or spoken to him in more than a year. In order to deal with the situation I let it eat at me for a whole year. After the year Robby and I have had I just couldn't do it anymore. I turned to God and he has helped me through alot of this. I have forgiven Wes and I realize things with him will probably never be the same but if I meet God tommrow I want to look at him and say that I do not have a heavy heart because I was unwilling to forgive. One day I hope that Wesley will be willing to forgive, I pray for him. Robby, the boys, and I attend Church every Sunday now. It has helped with our relationship and with our life in general.

The babies are about to start coming in "The Family"

April, Katie "Maier" Boda, Boy

April, Joyce Booker (Blake's wife), Girl

June, Heidi Arms (Mahon), Boy

July, Amanda Mahon ( Wesley's wife), I don't know what they are having, but they want to find out this is their last one. They have two boys, James and Jonathan

August, Kayreen Mahon ( Derick's wife), to soon to tell, but I think they are finding out too. They have a little girl, Kaylin.

2 of our family friends are due to have babies this year too.

Message to Aunt Marilyn and Sara:
This would be a great year for a "girl" trip to Ohio. We would love to see you!